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Tragedy sparks a new kind of adventure.

     We had always "packed light", so to speak, in the way we lived. Didn't have children, never bought a house, never even got a dog. We always wanted to be available to the next adventure. Be able to respond to opportunity. We liked that fact that we had nothing that we weren't willing to walk away from.

     Freedom and adventure was our highest ideal. 

     We prepared excitedly for the biggest adventure of our lives. We paid off every debt we had, put our belongings in storage, and had $20,000 in hand to backpack around Asia. There were no plans beyond landing in New Delhi. There would be one pit stop, though, along the way. 

     My wife Petra is German. We met during my Army days and she came back to America with me, eventually landing in Arizona. Her sister, Angelika, had done the same. Met a soldier and moved to Kentucky. We arranged to meet "Angie" in their hometown of Amberg, in Bavaria, and spend the holidays with their family. The plan was that after six weeks, Angie would return to Kentucky and we'd head to India. Kick this adventure up a notch! 

     Angie arrived first and answered the door of her moms house when we got there. Our joy instantly turned to horror. One look and we knew. She had Chorea Huntington's disease. A little-known, terminal disease which had already taken their father, their eldest brother, a step sister, and was in the process of taking their eldest sister. Now Angie…….. 

     The three of us went back to Kentucky instead, got her affairs in order, and set out to make the best of the time we had. We spent the travel money having a good time, every single day, until it was time for the nursing home and the excruciating wait for the inevitable. 

     For the first time in our lives together, Petra and I knew that we were staying put…for the duration of Angie's life, anyway.

"What to do?", as they say in India. Act normal, I guess. We bought a home, bought some tools to build a garage, and settled into unfamiliar territory. 

     By chance, a friend showed me a cherry and maple, checker-board pattern cutting board he was making as a gift…I flipped!...I had never seen anything like it! I've been obsessed with them ever since and quickly "infected" Petra with the same "bug". Gift Wood was born and a long story very suddenly gets to the point. 

     Our shop is in Radcliff, Kentucky, the bedroom community of Fort Knox. We specialize in hand crafting end grain cutting boards and butcher blocks from premium hardwoods, such as, walnut, maple, cherry, padauk, and purple heart. They make great gifts "for him, for her, and for yourself". They're not cheap but are unlike anything available in stores!

     So, if you're looking for gifts that surprise, and that they'll remember, please stop by and have a look…virtually or in person. We look forward to seeing you!